We’re a tiny fruit & veggie chip company out of Costa Rica with big plans.

Our belief is that once you get a taste of our native fruits, unique process and Costa Rican way of doing things, you’ll jump ship from your usual chip. Perhaps, once and for all.

  • Pura Vida inside.

    Often coined the “Happiest Country on Earth,” Costa Rica is one of the most remarkable places in the world. We embrace each glorious day with open arms, take incredible pride in where we live and maximize every ounce of our country’s perfection. So when we’re not surfing our oceans and exploring our jungles (often in the same day), we’re busy handcrafting that one-of-a-kind crunch you find in each bag of Natural Sins.

  • Our way of doing things

    We certainly didn’t think we could waltz in and steal a few potato chip fans along the way without having a pretty spectacular chip to share with the rest of the world. It starts with our fruits and veggies. We scale volcanoes hunting for pineapples in their skirts, climb atop wild coconut trees to find the perfect fruit and wield our machetes through the jungle searching for two-pound mangoes.

    Once we’ve found fruits and veggies worthy of Natural Sins, we hand slice them a ¼ mm thick, sprinkle each batch with pure cane sugar and bake them low and slow. When you tear into one of our hand-packed bags, you bite into crispy slices of whole fruit. What follows is jaw-dropping wonderment that awakens all five senses and tastes like no other chip on earth.

  • Changing how the world snacks

    Why switch from the famed potato chip? There are only two ingredients in every bag of Natural Sins, so each chip is full of incredible flavor and is more nutritious than the average snack. This full-sensory snacking sensation crunches like a chip without a crumb of regret.